Concept Art for DC's #JUSTICELEAGUE Revealed


Concept Art for DC's JUSTICE LEAGUE reveals the team's line-up of Aquaman, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Cyborg. And while we've seen the prior 4 characters, the final two's concept costumes are revealed here (above pic via @nighthawkj2 / bywayof SHH).

"The Flash" / "Barry Allen" is played by actor Ezra Miller, while Ray Fisher plays "Victor Stone" / "Cyborg". And while the uniform for Flash is not far from what we've come to expect or have seen in various incarnations in media/print/video games, I am not too excited about Cyborg's, looking pretty pedestrian generic "bad-guy" android-aesthetics, like he walked off the set of "Chronicles of Riddick" (a film I enjoyed btw) … remains to be seen how the "final" version might/will look like tho … nevertheless, here's a look at the others in the JL;

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