Suicide Squad ReAction Figures Coming In Jan 2017

REACTION PRESS: "The heroic villains of the summer blockbuster Suicide Squad are coming soon as Action Figures! Collect The Joker (shirtless), Killer Croc, Katana, Enchantress, Underwater Batman, Deadshot, and Inmate Harley! Each figure is 3 3/4" tall and fully posable! Coming in January!"

Truthfully, I’ve been wrecking my brain as to what collectibles I want to get of the SUICIDE SQUAD characters - heck, I like the movie and want to somehow keep the entire squad - with Hot Toys’ 1/6th out of my financial reach, and the Mattel figures are not much cheaper off, I’d thought to get busy with the Cosbaby versions … but now, NOW I KNOW WHAT I WANT! Exept for this nagging feeling the OG Harley Quinn ReAction figure might end up being someone’s “Exclusive Edition” dammit….



#Batman in the new “Tactical Batsuit” for #JusticeLeague

Director Zak Snyder “celebrates” the last day of filming Ben Affleck as “Batman” in the upcoming Justice League movie, to show the new “Tactical Batsuit”!

Does it remind you of Nite Owl in his Watchmen? Or have we seen enough of a “tactical” ala Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy? Doesn’t matter really, it only works as a new action figure / toy … sorry, I cannot help but think this way- apologies to the costume designers and art department folks who work in this for a living :p

tactical Batman
batman tacticle proxies


Justice League cast endorses Rezpect Our Water

Cast members from the Justice League have come together to support the youth of Standing Rock in their campaign to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. You can join them by signing at: change.org/RezpectOurWater.

The situation in question is introduced in the video below. And while the fictional “Justice League” fights against malicious invaders and injustice, I wonder what they might do against “big money”?

"Only hours after lawyers representing the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe filed evidence in federal court documenting how some of the Dakota Access pipeline’s proposed route would go through a sacred burial site, the company unexpectedly began working on that very site. As bulldozers cleared earth, hundreds of Native Americans from many different tribes rushed onto the construction site to protect the sacred site. In response, the company’s security forces attacked the Native Americans with dogs and pepper spray. Now the tribe’s lawyer is requesting an emergency temporary restraining order to halt construction on this area of the pipeline. For more, we speak with Jan Hasselman, staff attorney with Earthjustice, who is representing the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe at today’s hearing in federal court. And we speak with Dave Archambault, the chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe." democracynow.org)
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