Ben Affleck is "Bruce Wayne" aka BATMAN

I simply cannot ignore this, and needs to be blogged about - not that I have many misgivings about the actor (well, I do, but this is not the place to do it in) - but the possibility that his facial likeness might be made into a toy, even a 1/6th-scaled action figure from Hot Toys (*GASP*) - is quite overwhelmingly a ... "concern", IMHO ;p

Ben Affleck has been official announced to play "Bruce Wayne" aka "BATMAN" in the upcoming as-yet-named "Batman vs Superman / Superman vs Batman" film for 2015, as directed by Zack Snyder. Playing opposite Henry "Superman" Cavill, Ben takes over the role vacated by Christian Bale, who had acted as the DC Comics character for three feature films previously, as directed by Christopher Nolan.

I shall bite my fist (NOT my thumb, least I turn into a Titan muahaha - can't help you if you don't understand, sorry ;p) and stay my tongue … remembering the negative fervor decades back, when a certain Michael Keaton was announced to play "Batman", in Tim Burton's seminal pop culture classic. Am not holding my breath this time around tho LOL

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Superman versus Batman in "World's Finest" Movie!


"World's Finest" will see Henry Cavill's SUPERMAN going up against BATMAN ("WHO" exactly has yet to be confirmed/announced, but tis apparently not to be Christian Bale?) in the next celluloid geekfest, as directed by Zack Snyder an produced by Christopher Nolan. Announced over the weekend at San Diego Comic Con, this makes a whole lot more "sense", as a step towards the inevitable "Justice League" movie, innit? What do YOU think, folks?

UPDATE: The movie might be named "Superman vs Batman" or "Batman vs Superman", both pretty lame, if I may say so myself lol

Hot Toys' Booth Set Up Snaps for Ani-Com Reveal New 1/6 Figures including ZOD

Images of Hot Toys' booth at Anicom / ACGHK has hit the www - thanks to images from Toyworld and William Lau posted on the "Hot Toys Community" Facebook - we get to see loads of new figure debuts! First up is ZOD from "Man of Steel", joining Superman and Jor-El in 1/6th (additional pic via Gary Lau).

Man of Steel: 1/6th scale Jor-El Collectible Figure from Hot Toys


After the release of Superman from the "Man of Steel" live-action film, the next 1/6th-scaled figure from Hot Toys celebrates "Jor-El", with an astonishing likeness of actor "Russell Crowe", which excites me more so than when Dragon Model released their younger-Crowe as a Vietnam War soldier all those years ago hahahahaha!

Product details when I have them. Meanwhile images galore to tempt your toy-desires!

PReSS: "Man of Steel has finally hit the theatres in many countries worldwide and has a successful box office record. Every story has a beginning, and Man of Steel unfolds it by showing the audience the origin of Superman. Foreseeing the inevitable doom of Krypton, Jor-El sends his new-born son to Earth to preserve the Kryptonian race. A caring father even after death, Jor-El’s artificial consciousness guides Clark Kent to bring hopes to mankind and leads to the rise of the iconic superhero.

The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of the Academy Award winner, Russell Crowe, as Jor-El in the movie which features a meticulously-made costume and accessories with great details."
(via Hot Toys).
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