#BatmanvSuperman by Jada Toys

Spotted at my neighborhood toy-store ("Kiddy Palace" in Century Square, Tampines), were BATMAN V SUPERMAN toys from "Jada Toys" - featuring metal die-cast characters Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Batmobile.

As much as they look fun - especially the Armored Batman playset, and the Batmobile - they were out of my budget, alas. I might have seen these online a while back, but it was the first time I'd seen them in Singapore, up close and in-hand too.

Check out www.jadatoysinc.com to see what other licensed characters toys they have produced - which includes AQUAMAN (from BvS, which I did not see on the shelf), characters from "Captain America: Civil War" and DEADPOOL!

P/S: I see the "connection" now, as Kiddy Palace in SG used to carry Jada Toys' FAST & FURIOUS line of model cars.

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