"Man of Steel" Superman in 1/6 by Hot Toys

HOT TOYS PRESS: "Man of Steel is one of the most anticipated blockbusters this summer. Directed by Zack Synder and produced by Christopher Nolan, Man of Steel will reboot the Superman franchise by giving audience a new look at the origin of the iconic superhero and his rise to become the protector of Earth and its people.

We are also excited to announce that the Hot Toys’ 200th collectible figure of the Movie Masterpiece Series goes to this one of the most well-known superheroes of all time. To celebrate this milestone, a 1:1 scale Kryptonian Command Key will be included with the Collectible Figure as an appreciation for all of our fans’ support over the years!

The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Henry Cavill as Superman in the movie, featuring a highly detailed head sculpt, finely designed costume with embossed pattern and the iconic red cape."


"Man of Steel" Toys in Singapore

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea if any of these toys reveal any story plots or sumach spoilery-notions, so I'd just err on the side of "caution" and warn: *SPOILERS AHEAD* (if any, that is ;p)

IMG_4656 IMG_4655

Available NOW at your Toys'R'Us - or rather stores in Singapore, specifically in Tampines Mall where these were snapped (while I was there naively looking for "Pacific Rim' toys from Neca muahahaha) - a selection of blister carded and boxed action figures and playlets from Zack Snyder's upcoming "MAN OF STEEL" Superman movie!

And while the quality is nothing to rave about, the prices had me stumped - with the above-left pieces (including a closer look at Superman and a bare Zod) had a price tagged at the peg for SGD$49.90 each (*gasp*) but I did not ask anyone if this was a mistake or reality … Nevertheless, more snaps below to gawk at:


Hot Toys Does Man of Steel in 1/6


Check out these two teasers for characters from Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman movie "Man of Steel", to be done by Hot Toys in 1/6th-scale! Excited much?


Source: Hot Toys

"Man of Steel" Posters from Martin Ansin & Ken Taylor for Mondo


With the launch of Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" movie this week, expect to see a flurry of inspired releases, and here are two splendid ones to be made available via Mondo.

Shown above is a spectacular image by Martin Ansin - which will be available as both a limited metal variant (100 print only) and an unlimited run that will be decided by the total number of orders via timed release between 12:01AM CST on Friday, June 14th and 12:01AM on Monday, June 17th. Likewise for Ken Taylor's depiction of the young "Clark Kent" (seen below), limited to 300 of the regular prints and 150 of the variants. Order yours via www.mondotees.com.


Source: SHH

Man of Steel - Official Nokia Exclusive Trailer

"Man of Steel" Publicity Special Featurette

MAN OF STEEL - Official Clip #4

MAN OF STEEL - Three Official Short Clips

MAN OF STEEL - Official Extended Clip #3

MAN OF STEEL - Official TV Spot #13


A Look at "Man of Steel" Costumes

(Above: Superman's Suit / Below: Kar-El's parent's Kryptonian suits)

(Below: Kryptonian suits)

Source: @YahooMovies


"Fate of Your Planet" Official Trailer for "Man of Steel"

Taking on a slightly different tone with this new trailer (titled: "Fate of Your Planet") featuring relentless action, and a franticness that belies the previous mood of "inner calm" - dude, this is all out WAR!

But with every trailer or video promo, the film is revealed to us again and again, and as exciting as it seems, I am just hoping seeing these do not spoilt the movie for me eventually tho…


Meet The Cast of "Man of Steel"


Strangely, there is no mention /description of Kar-El / Clark Kent … Original uncropped images via Superman.in.2013.

TV Spot #5: "Stronger"

Man of Steel TV Spot #5 ("Stronger"), seen during the NBA playoffs in the United States, featuring a voice over by Jor-El (Russell Crowe).


"Man of Steel" TV Spots #2-4

Following the first TV Spot, this is #s 2 to 4, with varying reveals mores than the trailer/s itself. Man of Steel launches June 14th in the U.S.A. - and can't wait to see this! … But then again, said that of "Iron Man 3" as well tho LOL… ;p

"Social Media" Posters for "Man of Steel"

Man of Steel - Social Media Poster 3
Man of Steel - Social Media Poster 1
Man of Steel - Social Media Poster 2

"Man of Steel" posters for "Social Media" …
yes they have special ones for us S.M.Geeks :p


What Kind of Superman will Henry Cavill be in 'Man of Steel'

"This is a Superman for a modern age. It's not betraying anything that Superman is, but it is grounding everything in reality. It's the story of this incredible being who can do incredible things, but whom we can associate with. Because he's gone through troubling stuff and had to make tough choices."
Says actor Henry Cavill on the kind of Superman he will be portraying in the upcoming Zack Snyder-directed film, as well his research into playing the Man of Steel:
"I managed to piece together this character, maintaining that baseline and having all the differences and nuances that our script adds, [But] this is our own thing. Stand-alone. It's about Superman, but we're not copying from any one comic in particular. And that's a good thing, because it's an original story." (Total Film via io9.com )
I have a huge aversion to his claim that this is an "original story", but then again, I'll recognize (or not) when I see it. The thing is, in every on-screen-Superman sense thus far, there have been a slight … "stoic-ness" (aka a kind word for "emotionally vacant") when it comes to the Man in the Red Cape, whereas as "Clark Kent", the actor/s get to showcase more? And yes, I am sure being "stoic" and all, is also "acting", but being able to "fly" does not mean Clark can emote less LOL

All I see in the MoS trailers thus far, is a Superman in distress and dismay tho lol


Superman and Lois Lane


I have this theory - granted it might sound "sexist" at first, but bear with me … "Lois Lane" may be the "feisty reporter" strong independent woman the comicbooks have written her to be (and sometimes even overtly pain-in-the-ass with a bit too much "in-your-face" attitude, IMHO). The classic film-role depicted by Margot Kidder had her the definition of feisty, while Kate Bosworth's turn in "Superman Returns" had her a bit too weakened and putting up a front.

Now, for a purely masochistical manifestation of a "male power-trip", the desire to "protect" one's love - in this case Superman with Lane - is brought into play. And while folks might trumpet the allure of "true love" being the deciding force, I presuppose the notion of the character of Lois Lane, being in need of "protection", simply because she is "charmingly adorable" with a touch of "rescue me, please?" in her doe-eyed silent plea of walled vulnerability. You WANT to be able to want to "save" her, and cuddle her, ya know?

Margo was hardly lovable, and she'd more likely bite your ear off ... Kate seemed a tad vacuous, but she might whine until Clark punches himself in is own temple. And while looking at this pic featuring Amy Adams, she looks like she fits the bill, perfectly. I personally had not been convinced since knowing she had this role … but now? .. well, THAT, and I have a thing for "pencil-skirts" … LOL

(Image for the cover of "Total Film" via SlashFilm)

Justice League Movie Update (March 2013)

Christopher Nolan takes over DCU? Christian Bale + Henry Caville for Batman + Superman? Zack Snyder possibly directing Justice League movie? El Mayimbe over at Latino-Review drops a swell fanboy-scoop, and I am hella excited - EXCITED, I say!


It comes as no huge "surprise" as rumors of Warner wanting Nolan to be a "Godfather" to DCU celluloid characters existed since 2012, and while he had maintained that he "was done with the Batman trilogy", most possibly as the "director", it in no way mentions he cannot "produce" the JL-film, did it? Would Nolan be the parallel to Joss Whedon for what he has done for The Avengers? El Mayimbe makes decent rationale in the video, IMHO. Time will tell, but yes, I'm hella excited either way, because we'll be having more superhero-themed movies! LOL

Second Official Trailer for MAN OF STEEL

Holding in my breathe as I clicked "Play", I relished in the haunting background vocals (which immediately flashbacked me to Ridley Scott films), and soaked in the tease that which is the second trailer for the Zack Snyder-directed The MAN OF STEEL - which sees more of the Superman in his blue and reds, more vignettes of scenes that seems to be shaping the mind and attitudes of "Clark Kent". I really cannot wait to see this film now.

Official Teaser Trailers for SUPERMAN: Man of Steel

Above is the "International" Teaser trailer for Superman: Man of Steel, featuring the voice-over of Russell Crowe - who plays "Jor-El", Superman's Kryptonian father in the movie. While the below teaser - showcasing exact same visuals - instead features the voiceover of Kevin Costner, as "Pa Kent", of planet Earth.

Am also somewhat liking it that "Clark Kent" aka "Kal-El" (played by Henry Cavill) does time working as a fisherman, which might further his depth of history and growing up as Superman, rather than the "privileged" kid growing up amidst a loving family down at the farm, IMHO.

FYI: Although it has been mentioned that the Man of Steel teaser plays before 'The Dark Knight Rises' in the U.S., it does not seem the case here in Singapore - or at least I did not get to see it yesterday at my screening.

Superman: Man of Steel at ToyFair 2013


I KNOW I am naive to assume think, that genre-specific "superhero"-movies these days are about celebrating geekdom and a subculture where previously shunned, and of exciting stories to be (re)explored and harvested in it's golden glories … when the speculative-fact is, "toys" (or the selling of toys) might well be the catalysts for this happenstance. Seems costumes and sequences "are" designed to be made specifically for action figure-adaptation and playset-depictions, aren't they?

Be that as it may, I am pretty grateful to have superhero-flicks be common-place in this age in which I live in … altho sometimes I wish, the toys would not necessarily "spoil" the story / plot … here be snaps of SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL toys seen at the weekend ToyFair 2013 - from carded action figures above, to 1/6-scaled statues posted below. I would state "Spoilers Ahead", but you'd already know that…

"Kneel before Zod!" = apparently this term was not uttered in this film … would've been "fun" tho :p

(Carded/Boxed figures via www.comicbookmovie.com / 1/6 Statues of Jor-El, Zod, Faora and Superman via www.toyark.com)
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