SUICIDE SQUAD Movie & Character Posters Unleashed!

A slew of poster imagery has been released for the SUICIDE SQUAD movie in the past lone day! Featured here are 2 new movie posters, including an IMAX one (seen above / courtesy of headsups from www.usatoday.com and io9.gizmodo.com), and a whopping 11 x character posters (thanks to www.comicbookmovie.com) - featuring both the squad members and their handlers!


Don't know about you folks, but the "bowl of cereal" image gets me excited that they could be made into diecut "erasers" (a childhood collecting phenom for us Asian kids decades back heehee) … while the "mushroom explosion cloud" seems trying way too hard to mixup the "real" and "comicbook" aesthetics.. BUT I LIKE IT! Muahahahahahahaaaaaaa :p

Scroll down for the Character Posters (at least they are not reusing portraits but with new frills drawn about them lol).

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