#UniteTheLeague Character Posters & www


A series of 5 x 15 second teasers for the members of JUSTICE LEAGUE has since been unleashed (in anticipation of the “exclusive” trailer launch happening Saturday March 25th in the U.S.), alongside individual Character Posters, which had lead to a singular poster featuring (above, left-to-right) Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Batman, Aquaman, and The Flash, which in turn leads to the website www.unitetheleague.com/join - whereby you are prompted to “Join The League” by taking a photo of yourself and “giving it metahuman powers” … very interestingly too, is the 6th square/currently blank spot (far right), which no doubt will be “Superman’s”, for when the time is ripe to announce his addition tho … which I suspect too be from this Saturday’s trailer? :)

Unite The League
(Above: Website screen grab / Below: Promo image)

Take your photo and give it metahuman powers at http://bit.ly/JL-Join. #JusticeLeague

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