Hot Toys To Do #SuicideSquad Collectibles

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Hot Toys announces today that they will be doing #SuicideSquad. "I can't wait to show you my toys!", and I can't wait to see WHO they are! Any particular #wishlist you folks have? Wouldn't be too surprised if they released, like, 3 characters from this line-up, and one of them being #Batman again? LOL ... Without a doubt #HarleyQuinn and #Joker for me! And while no specific mention of only "1/6th scale", here's hoping it DOES include that size, Cosbabys galore, and maybe even Artist Mix?
HOT TOYS PRESS: "Suicide Squad, the upcoming blocbuster from DC Comics featuring a cast of “bad guys”, is finally coming this Summer! Today we are excited to officially announce Hot Toys’ astonishing collectibles based on this highly anticipated film will be coming soon! Stay tuned for a “wicked ride” as the movie release date draws near."
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