Superman and Lois Lane


I have this theory - granted it might sound "sexist" at first, but bear with me … "Lois Lane" may be the "feisty reporter" strong independent woman the comicbooks have written her to be (and sometimes even overtly pain-in-the-ass with a bit too much "in-your-face" attitude, IMHO). The classic film-role depicted by Margot Kidder had her the definition of feisty, while Kate Bosworth's turn in "Superman Returns" had her a bit too weakened and putting up a front.

Now, for a purely masochistical manifestation of a "male power-trip", the desire to "protect" one's love - in this case Superman with Lane - is brought into play. And while folks might trumpet the allure of "true love" being the deciding force, I presuppose the notion of the character of Lois Lane, being in need of "protection", simply because she is "charmingly adorable" with a touch of "rescue me, please?" in her doe-eyed silent plea of walled vulnerability. You WANT to be able to want to "save" her, and cuddle her, ya know?

Margo was hardly lovable, and she'd more likely bite your ear off ... Kate seemed a tad vacuous, but she might whine until Clark punches himself in is own temple. And while looking at this pic featuring Amy Adams, she looks like she fits the bill, perfectly. I personally had not been convinced since knowing she had this role … but now? .. well, THAT, and I have a thing for "pencil-skirts" … LOL

(Image for the cover of "Total Film" via SlashFilm)
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