Official Teaser Trailers for SUPERMAN: Man of Steel

Above is the "International" Teaser trailer for Superman: Man of Steel, featuring the voice-over of Russell Crowe - who plays "Jor-El", Superman's Kryptonian father in the movie. While the below teaser - showcasing exact same visuals - instead features the voiceover of Kevin Costner, as "Pa Kent", of planet Earth.

Am also somewhat liking it that "Clark Kent" aka "Kal-El" (played by Henry Cavill) does time working as a fisherman, which might further his depth of history and growing up as Superman, rather than the "privileged" kid growing up amidst a loving family down at the farm, IMHO.

FYI: Although it has been mentioned that the Man of Steel teaser plays before 'The Dark Knight Rises' in the U.S., it does not seem the case here in Singapore - or at least I did not get to see it yesterday at my screening.
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