Justice League Movie Update (March 2013)

Christopher Nolan takes over DCU? Christian Bale + Henry Caville for Batman + Superman? Zack Snyder possibly directing Justice League movie? El Mayimbe over at Latino-Review drops a swell fanboy-scoop, and I am hella excited - EXCITED, I say!


It comes as no huge "surprise" as rumors of Warner wanting Nolan to be a "Godfather" to DCU celluloid characters existed since 2012, and while he had maintained that he "was done with the Batman trilogy", most possibly as the "director", it in no way mentions he cannot "produce" the JL-film, did it? Would Nolan be the parallel to Joss Whedon for what he has done for The Avengers? El Mayimbe makes decent rationale in the video, IMHO. Time will tell, but yes, I'm hella excited either way, because we'll be having more superhero-themed movies! LOL
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