The Joker’s Tattoos (#SuicideSquad)

Here’s a closer look at the tattoos on actor Jared Leto’s “JOKER” as seen in the SUICIDE SQUAD movie … a film I enjoyed but for the uninspiring tattoo images seen here (the arrow in a “robin” was a nice touch, only seen here in the video hahaha), with the designs like someone who picked them out of a image-clip book - of an exact same style of a singular tattooist - and thought they looked like they “told a story”, but instead no one felt interested enough, but for the video shown here.

This makes The Joker here uncreative, and utterly “fake”, not the clown prince of crime people hold him up in a pedestal to be … “pimp-daddy-joker” with tasteless tattoos! hahahaha

No, I do not blame Mr Leto at all, I blame whoever signed off on these. Felt like “suits” who though this would be “cool” hahahaha

And no, I do not have a tattoo on my body, so I would not know how to appreciate the tattoos on the Joker’s body … but I reckon if anyone would tattoo the Joker’s body, would be the Joker himself, and it would be mind-blindingly warped like his brains were.
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