"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" by Hot Toys in #ToySoul 2015

1/6th-scaled action figures from Hot Toys adaptation of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will be on display at weekend's Toy Soul 2015 (Dec 18-20) in Hong Kong, and we have snaps to share - showcasing 3 x BATMAN from the Zack Snyder-directed feature film - including the previously mentioned Regular Batman, Batman in Battle Armor, AND a Batman in fatigues - recently seen in a dream sequence/scenario!

And LOOK, there's what looks to be a glowing green "Kryptonite" rock, maybe?hhhmmmm I distinctively remembering director Zack Snyder saying Superman had no weakness for his home planet's astroid? Well, that was the first "Man of Steel" movie, wasn't it?

Image Source: OneSixthScale Prestige Figurines / via Toyznhobby

ADDED NEW Pics from Hot Toys Facebook:

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