AQUAMAN for #UniteTheLeague (Teaser & Character Poster)

A new JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer drops Saturday (U.S. time) and a series of 15-second teasers have been revealed, alongside their character posters of the JL members - This post focuses on “Aquaman / Arthur Curry” - played by Jason Momoa, whose role is coming out fine and dandy, with no one fussing too much about his solo film by James Wan - be it pushed to a later date or location scouting, primarily because the stakes for the character is not as “high” as Batman or Flash, or W.W. or Superman, which might well change after JUSTICE LEAGUE is released, and folks “re-discover” the awesomeness of Aquaman and glamor for more new-news LOL


JUSTICE LEAGUE in theaters November 2017.

Source: @justiceleague

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