Justice League Team Line-up for 2017

Justice League Line-up Jan 9.2017

Truthfully, it took me quite some time to figure out that the group is lined-up inside the cargo bay of an enlarged flying vehicle (probably Batman’s), as the door opened up into a forested area … OR they could have just finished a pow-wow inside the BatCave (check out what could be a BatMobile behind them) and is heading out together for a shawarma supper (oops, wrong movie… :p).

I admit I was wondering why they had emerged from a smoky hot bath pool, like Ra's al Ghul’s “Lazarus Pit” or sumsuch inanity, which sadly shows how dull minded I had been hahahaha

Thanks to SHH, we now have a closer look at the JUSTIC LEAGUE members all lined-up for us to critique their costumes!

And if you're asking "Where's Superman?" - then you've not watched "Batman v Superman", and I'll not spoil the "fun" for you teehee

Ben Affleck’s BATMAN in his tactical “BatSuit” (first revealed in Sept 2016).

Gal Gadot’s WONDER WOMAN looking all serious and stoic like a wax statue sculpted on Paradise Island. Nice “Made of Clay” origin moment, perhaps? Just kidding, I LOVE GAL GADOT, can? (Just watched her in “Keeping Up With The Jones”, and she is a “goddess” wherever she goes, alright?). Ahem.

Ray Fisher’s CYBORG looking like an equivalent of a Michael Bay-movie “Megatron”! And while we’ve seen top-torso shots in the first teaser trailer, seeing his entire body full-on in this single shot, brings to mind; “Alien Tech”. Please don’t tell me “Mother Boxes” and Apokalips has been turned into “aliens” instead of “another multiverse dimension”?

Can’t deny that this would be perhaps more palatable to the understanding of general mass non-comicbook-reading cinema goers, but…

And “yes”, the two red-light-dots at his pelvis-area looks like “eyes”, and his “nose” … never mind :p

Ezra Miller’s THE FLASH in “Injustice”-armored gear, which feels somewhat “diminishes” his abilities, as if it’s the armor which “helps him run fast” … OF COURSE I know it does not, just thinking out loud as an average joe … or perhaps the group is missing an “Iron Man” (since CYBORG is “alien tech” :p), so The Fastest Man Alive takes up the slack? LOL

C’mon, tell me you don’t miss the red and yellow? Well, at least it’s not “red leather” - no “spandex” in this generation, innit? Heh.

Jason Momoa’s AQUAMAN with his Trident, looking a tad miffed he had to ride alongside with the common-folk LOL

Seriously tho, I hope they give him some heavy-lifting epic action, and not disappoint the “gruff” we have been treated to since Day One of promotions haha

Zack Snyder-directed film premieres November 17th, 2017, in the United States.
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