My Immediate Impressions for #BatmanvSuperman: Dawn of Justice

(Above cover-art for EMPIRE magazine Subscriber Issue by Jim Lee)

I cannot remember when it was exactly, when I stopped my weekly collecting of comicbooks … it might have been nearly a decade since I last stopped my "reservations list" at the comicbook shop I visited once a week on delivery days (or the day after) - not for the lack of interests, no, but for the lack of funds, as my savings had dried up, and I was no longer drawing a monthly salary. Since then I'd survive on trade paperbacks once a while, when my wallet was more forgiving … so my experience with comicbooks sort of "ended" a decade ago, perhaps?

And with that, I am basing my experience with watching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice today, with my memories of what comicbooks offered a decade back, and I would readily admit having thoroughly enjoyed watching this "comicbook" turned "live action" concept on the silver screen, courtesy of Zack Snyder and his cohorts!

And while the following impressions (I had tweeted on @toysrevil, post-cinema / some typo re-adjusted, fhanks :p) remain spoiler-free, I'd would recommend you approach the film as you would "reading a comicbook", otherwise it might leave you disappointed or worse still, "disillusioned" with the state of DC Extended Universe films to come … ONWARDS!

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"#batmanvsuperman works perfectly as a "comicbook superhero" film, providing an instant IN into the #DCEU lore that'll have many more to come!" (Tweet)
"#batmanvsuperman might not appeal to the cerebral-crowd, but tugs at the emotional core of comicbook lovers, tho not necessarily the "fans"." (Tweet)
"While #batmanvsuperman is not a "game-changer" per se, it pushes the genre to another level of entertainment, & fans like me benefit from it." (Tweet)
"#batmanvsuperman "reads" like an issue of a comicbook, with interludes galore, setting up the #DCEU, and with that, makes it top notch, IMHO" (Tweet)
"And while there is no rush to catch #batmanvsuperman unless you want to be in the convo, but watch it you must! And enjoy it "as-is", instead of "what it could have been". Give yourself a chance to be "entertained", and not about your fanboy wishes being sated or not." (Tweet + Tweet)
"And thanks to #batmanvsuperman, I CANNOT WAIT to watch #WonderWoman! That smile when she was in battle? THAT's the WW I want!" (Tweet)

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