BvS: DoJ Armored Batman & Superman Cosbaby Collectible Set from Hot Toys

Since their display debut at Toy Soul in December last year, Hot Toys has announced their "Armored Batman & Superman Cosbaby Collectible Set" from the upcoming Zack Snyder-directed live action film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"! Do check in with your fav retailer(s) for pricing tho … I sure as heck could not afford the 1/6th-versions (Superman + Batman), so am quite keen for these, but then again depending on pricing, of course!

I've read collectors going on about Hot Toys "cashing in", but I'm of the opinion that they are offering "alternatives" for folks who might enjoy such super-deformed/chibi-fied designs, and affordability, IMHO … but of course, that's just the poor-blogger / toy-lover in me :)

Scroll down for MORE images, and product press text :)

HOT TOYS PRESS: "The epic show down between Batman and Superman will finally come to the silver screen in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this March! In addition to the movie-accurate and high quality 1/6th scale collectible figures Hot Toys will bring to fans, we are also delighted to expand and diversify the collectibles based on this exciting film.

Today, Hot Toys is very happy to officially introduce the Armored Batman and Superman Cosbaby Collectible Set! Armored Batman stands approximately 9.5cm tall while the flying Superman stands approximately 12.5cm tall and they each have a rotatable head! This collectible set will also exclusively include a miniature Bat-Signal!"

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