Deathstroke for #TheBatman?

First he teases fans with THIS video clip showcasing a character dressed as mercenary / assassin “Deathstroke” (of course it’s a test footage to see the costume :p), then comes word that Deathstroke would indeed be the main villain for Ben Affleck-directed “The Batman” stand alone film. And is actor Joe Manganiello up for the role of “Slade Wilson”?

Why would Deathstroke be in “Justice League”? Unless JL is going against the “Injustice League” (would be awesome tho), or Deathstroke could a throwaway character in a montage where the JL-members face against multiple super-villains. What do you folks think? How would you prefer Deathstroke to be depicted as on the silver screens?

So many questions. No official announcements from Warner Bros. Marketing succeeds in getting the internets excited. BAM!

BTW: Everybody credits Manganiello for his role in “Magic Mike”, but I’d rather remember him as “Grinder” in Schwarzenegger’s “Sabotage” - with his imposing physique, I’d be more than overjoyed to see him in action against the Dark Knight Detective on-sceen!

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